For The Woman Who Is Looking To Start Her Healing And Spiritual Journey:
For The Woman Who Wants To Manifest A Soulmate
For The Woman Who Wants Deep Healing And Self Love
For The Woman Who Craves Spiritual Support And Community
For The Woman Who Wants To Raise Her Vibration
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How A Daily Journaling Practice Will Change Your Life

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The Love Her Wild Journal is for the spiritual woman who is ready to heal and manifest her soulmate. With guided healing and manifesting prompts as well as general open ended daily prompts, this is the PERFECT way to start a daily practice if you want to find a soulmate partner.

The Finding YOU guided journal was written to gently guide you along your healing journey, and give you all of the tools I found most helpful all in one place! All of the journaling and written healing techniques that most helped me heal and manifest my soulmate all in one place for YOU.

Zero Gravity – With almost 70 pages of guided vibration raising prompts as well as nearly 20 pages of dedicated assignments, I compiled the most potent exercises to incorporate into your daily mediation and self love routine. I have done and continue to do these journal prompts as a part of my daily journaling routine. I have seen MASSIVE shifts in my own vibration. Now its your turn.