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Hey There Wild Woman

Where It All Began

I am the daughter of soulmates. I grew up hearing about a real-life fairytale, and oftentimes thought that it really was that easy. I would grow up, find a nice man, fall in love, and the rest would be history. 

That was not my story.

I got divorced at 29, skipped the healing part of that journey, and jumped right into an unhealthy relationship that lasted 3.5 years. Leaving that relationship was the hardest thing I have ever done. This time though, I focused on healing. On falling in love with ME. And on re-programming my brain to believe that I was WORTHY of soulmate love. I healed, grew in my spiritual journey, and manifested true soulmate love. I got the story that  I knew in my heart was out there waiting for me. 

After 7 years of working full-time for myself as a photographer, I am ready to add this passion project into the mix. Something I have been dreaming about for the last ten years. I have always loved helping people. I’m an empath by nature and feel so called to help as many women as I can in manifesting their dream life, and dream partner, and living a life they LOVE. 

So jump on in, and join us! Because if I can do it… I KNOW you can do it too. 

Who am I?

Empathic Woo woo hippie who takes pictures and stuff

My name is Brooke Carver and I am a lover of all things spiritual, creative, and natural. I started a photography business in 2016, and have been full time ever since. I LOVE my job, and getting to capture true love, and fleeting moments that only last a split second. But there has always been this other side of me. The spiritual woo woo side. The girl who meditates every morning, talks to her spirit guides, and manifests her dream life. The girl who healed from extreme trauma and came out on the other side, finding true love and complete contentment. It’s time for that girl to come out and say hello. 

Ready to Grow?

Take a peak at my journal to help guide you through your healing process and start manifesting the life you love today.