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Lean into your woo woo

Empowering Women through community and spiritual growth

There is such strength in numbers, and I believe in building a community of like minded woo women who help support, learn, and grow together. Whether you are in it for the community, the courses, the group calls, or ALL of the above, this club welcomes you with open arms. I can wait to see how far you GROW.


Are you Ready To Dive In? Our next round kicks off on Feb 5!

What's inside?

A 6 week intensive with 15 of your newest spiritual besties

Inside of the Woo Woman’s Club 6 week intensive, we dive HEAD FIRST into healing, manifesting, raising our vibrations, and welcoming in ALL of our dreams. All while surrounded by a group of like minded women who will be there to lift you up, and support your wins.

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Days to transform into a WHOLE NEW YOU
5 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

What's Included?

Weekly Zoom Calls

Each week we hop on a group zoom call and I offer personalized guidance on any questions or breakthroughs you encounter during your lessons and journaling that week. The friendship building, and pure authenticity inside these calls is NEXT. LEVEL. You can FEEL your vibration rising.

A Self Paced Course

I know I like going at my own pace, and listening to lessons on my own time, and so I created this course so that you could do just that! Each week has a theme, and contains 4-5 modules to move through before the zoom call for that week. Audio teachings, guided meditations, and more!

An Exclusive Journal

You all know I LOVE my journals. This one is no exception. I created this journal to be used everyday during the 6 week intensive. Daily journal prompts, healing activities, and manifestation techniques help you move through the major transformations you WILL be experiencing.

Group Voxer

Community is one of the most impactful pieces of this intensive. The group chat inside of voxer is for you and the other ladies to support each other, celebrate wins, and foster then new friendships that you will be carrying with you long after this course is over.

Q&A Access

1:1 Access to me is limited, and expensive! In this 6 week intensive, you get access to me in a small group setting, once a week to answer ANYTHING that comes up for you, or you need help figuring out! You also have the ability to ask anonymous questions that I can answer in the zoom call meeting if you don't want to ask in front of the group!

VIP Insights and Discounts

The Woo Woman's Club, and all of the Alumni of this program are VIP. You get access to courses that NO ONE else will have access to. Discounts that I don't even send out to my email list, and freebies inside the program and the group chat that you can ONLY get once you're in the club.

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What is a "Woo Woman"?

Little girls with dreams, become women with vision

If you are a spiritual girlie who loves all things manifestation, healing, with an extra dash of woo woo, this community is for you. Inside of the Woo Woman’s Club, you will have access to an online community of like minded women who are there to help support, offer advice, and cheer you on when you need a little extra boost. 

I will be running additional trainings, courses, and group calls that you can opt into at anytime to grow your knowledge, heal through a tough spot, or gain 1:1 access to my mentorships!


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