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Empowering Women through community and spiritual growth

The Community that is the Woo Woman’s Club will not only give you the tools and the roadmap for your healing and spiritual journey, but it will give you the support of a best friend with the accountability of a mentor 😮‍💨

Want to talk about quantum leaping into your highest level timeline? We are defying all logic in this club, manifesting magic DAILY 🪄

Are you Ready To Dive In For 8 Whole Weeks? We kick off  April 1!

What's inside?

An 8 week journey to becoming your highest self

You finally have a safe spiritual place to call home. A group of woo besties who “get it”, and will always clap for you until it’s their turn. You have access to personalized guidance from me for 8 weeks inside of our live calls, and 24/7 support from your ladies inside the group chat and lifetime access to a self paced curriculum that leads you through 8 weeks of DEEP transformational work.

Days away from your new reality
5 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

What's Included?

Weekly Zoom Calls

Each week we hop on a group zoom call and I offer personalized guidance on any questions or breakthroughs you encounter during your lessons and journaling that week. The friendship building, and pure authenticity inside these calls is NEXT. LEVEL. You can FEEL your vibration rising.

Lifetime Access To The WWC Course

I know I like going at my own pace, and listening to lessons on my own time, and so I created this course so that you could do just that! Each week has a theme, and contains 4-5 modules to move through before the zoom call for that week. Audio teachings, guided meditations, and more!

An Exclusive Journal

You all know I LOVE my journals. This one is no exception. I created this journal to be used everyday during the 6 week intensive. Daily journal prompts, healing activities, and manifestation techniques help you move through the major transformations you WILL be experiencing.

Telegram Community

Community is one of the most impactful pieces of this intensive. The group chat inside of voxer is for you and the other ladies to support each other, celebrate wins, and foster then new friendships that you will be carrying with you long after this course is over.

Phase One

We heal the sh;t blocking you from having EXACTLY what you want. Maybe you have NO IDEA what is blocking you, maybe you already know how you were treated as a child impacts who you are constantly attracting, OR maybe every relationship you have ends the same way and you think that’s the way it’ll always be. Whatever that looks like, we heal that here. We identify your triggers, re-wire them, and check in with your younger self to ENSURE the blocks are gone for GOOD and you clear the path between YOU and the manifestations you KNOW you’re meant to attract.

Phase Two

Now that you have a clear path towards getting exactly what you want & your frequency is tuned into the radio station playing YOUR fav song... BUCKLE UP bc it's time to learn my Trust Fall Method for manifesting what you want at record speed. Look, I get it, you've probably tried manifesting before. You say positive affirmations in the mirror and on Dec 31st of every year you write down what you're manifesting in the New Year... and yet nothing seems to happen. I can hear you now... "UNIVERSE can you hear me?? WTF am I doing wrong? Am I not positive enough? high vibe enough?" Whatever the hold up is, we let that shit go here.  Within me signature *Specific method name* Method,  I teach you REAL life techniques on how to manifest. Have You ever heard:  "release the how" and though WTF does that mean? Yeah we cover that here in a practical way so you can actually start attracting  what you want towards you at like I said... record speed. Did I mention you'll actually fall in love with the journey to get there? I know, "pinch me" right? but it REALLY does get to be that good.

Phase Three

With healing and manifesting now coming to you as second nature as brushing your teeth in the morning, you’re ready for the big secret: how to pack your bags, take flight and make a higher vibration your permanent residence. I'm sure you’ve heard that “good” emotions are high vibe, and therefore, anytime you have a hard day, or you let your fears get the best of you, you think that you are back at square one. All of your hard work and manifesting… GONE. Do you find yourself hiding from your true emotions? Trying to trick the universe into thinking that you are “high vibe” enough to claim your dream life? 🙅🏼‍♀️ Not here. Inside WWC, healing and manifesting combines to create the perfect environment for you to step into your highest vibration (which is where ALL of your manifestations are hiding 🤭) and STAY THERE. We dont let one bad date, or unexpected setback knock you back down to square one. Feeling triggered? GREAT, now we know what cord to cut that will only let you move HIGHER. Here, our emotions don't drive the car, WE do; and we are on a one way street to HIGH VIBES BABBYYYYY

Phase Four

Here, we are delusional about our dreams. Doubts? we don't know her. I teach you how to implement healing, manifesting, and tuning your frequency all together so that you can claim your dreams with the certainty that you will achieve them. The women inside this club KNOW that they were given their dreams for one reason: To motha fuckn ACHIEVE THEM. And that's exactly what we do. We toss logic to the side, and let our woo guide our work. The key here isn't to “finish” any of the phases, but rather learn how to use them all in unison together. A constant flow state… you know, like when you wake up in the morning with a little extra pep in your step. The coffee tastes a little better, and why does my skin look so.. Clear? And glowy?! Everyone at work loves your ideas, and even that guy going 42 mph in the fast lane can't cramp your style. Its where healing, manifesting and vibration ebb and flow together. Here you surrender and allow each to take turns at being the front runner so that you can face each new life lesson head on with the confidence, perspective, and sprinkle of delusion you need to let it guide you to your next big breakthrough instead of letting it break you. 


There's this incredible power when women support each other – it's like we create this space where we can be completely real and vulnerable. It's in these connections that deep healing happens and it feels like anything is possible. (Think: coffee with your woo bestie, with a dash of “omg this is what I did, and if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO”) The truth is, we need each other to be our best selves. Whether it's as friends, partners, moms, or entrepreneurs, having a strong sisterhood is key. If we want to change ourselves and the world for the better, we've got to embrace the idea of coming together with other women. Inside of the Woo Woman’s club, we have just that: a sisterhood. A place to come as you are (messy bun and all) and feel safe to be 100% YOU. Unfiltered, perfectly imperfect, YOU. A place where REAL trumps perfection,  you will always have a shoulder to cry on, and a whole TEAM of women to clap for you until it's their turn. The community we have built inside of the woo woman's club is absolutely beautiful. It has changed my life, and I can't WAIT for it to change yours 

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What is a "Woo Woman"?

Little girls with dreams, become women with vision

If you are a spiritual girlie who loves all things manifestation, healing, with an extra dash of woo woo, this community is for you. Inside of the Woo Woman’s Club, you will have access to an online community of like minded women who are there to help support, offer advice, and cheer you on when you need a little extra boost. 

I will be running additional trainings, courses, and group calls that you can opt into at anytime to grow your knowledge, heal through a tough spot, or gain 1:1 access to my mentorships!


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