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And Then some 🙌🏻

I see you. You know what you want, and you want it… yesterday. You’ve done every manifestation technique on the internet, and still for some reason, you’re still waiting. It works for other people, WHY NOT YOU?!

When you master the ebb and flow of healing, manifesting and movement; when you figure out how to get yourself in alignment with your highest level self… EVERYTHING flows towards you. Your contentment, peace and confidence is like a magnet for wealth. For true love. For JOY. 

Master this, and gain the key that unlocks the door to your highest frequency apartment. EVERYTHING you have ever wanted lives on that floor. Money doesn’t buy you access to the apartment, ALIGNMENT gives you the key. 

Here your manifestations come so fast it feels accidental. While you’re focused on being the most EXPANSIVE, powerful version of yourself you can be, the universe is busy delivering everything you ordered 😏

What's inside?

Everything you need to master the art of manifesting

We are stepping out of the waiting room and into alignment. Here, we  magnetize your dreams towards you while you are simultaneously running towards them. We combine manifestation and movement to get you everything you ever asked for… OR SOMETHING BETTER.

This program isn’t your run of the mill “fluffy” woo woo manifestation course. This is like a college course to create MASTER manifestors out of each and every one of you. Think: a semester at Hogwarts, accept this magic… its REAL. ✨ 

Most courses that teach manifestation are just handing over a cookbook. They dont teach you HOW or WHY the recipes work, they just tell you to follow them. 

The problem with that, is what happens when you want to substitute out the eggs? If you don’t know what purpose the eggs are providing in the recipe, you will likely end up with a cake that flops.

Here, I am turning you into a BAKER. Not only am I giving you all the recipes, but I’m teaching you exactly why they work, and how to create YOUR OWN recipes in the future. 


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Are you a spiritual girlie who is

ready to master manifestation?

Whether you are BRAND new to spirituality, or you want to kick up your knowledge and really educate yourself on the ins and outs of manifestation, this course is a game changer.

What IS Manifestation Anyway?

We start And Then Some by learning the basic principles and modalities behind manifestation. This gives you the foundation to pull from in the future when you branch out and start being the co-creator of your reality.

HOW do you do it?

Learning how to TRULY master manifestation isnt about learning 1,000 techniques. Its about learning HOW and WHY those techniques work, AND what to do when you get stuck.

Why is this any different than what I find online?

Other manifestation courses give you the cookbook. The specific techniques to mindlessly follow and hope it all works. This program creates MASTER manifestors. Do I give you my favorite recipes? Sure. But whats more important, is I teach you the science behind it all so that you can take control of your dreams and truly manifest it all... and then some.

The Program

So how do we get there?

Phase One

In phase one, we break down manifestation at its CORE and I teach you not only WHAT it actually means, but different manifestation principles and how they all FIT TOGETHER. I take the “what the fuck am i even doing?!” out of it and make it feel a whole lot more like “OHHHHHHHHH ok ok, THIS I can do.”

Phase Two

Once you understand the basics, we dive into WHY none of the manifestation techniques you've tried in the past ACTUALLY WORK for you. OR Why it only works HALF of the time. Using my Triple Alignment Manifestation Techniques I show you how figure out EXACTLY what to do when you feel stuck, or like you are running your ass off and getting nowhere.

Phase Three

In phase three I break down my favorite manifestation techniques, and give you ALL the resources you need to put those techniques into practice EVERY day. This isn't just to help you manifest your next goal; mastering these techniques will allow you to plug and play with ANY goal you have now, tomorrow, or ten years from now. Techniques, meditations, my own journal prompt oracle deck, you have EVERY resource at your fingertips ready for you to expand, trust and RECEIVE… AND THEN SOME

Resource Vault

When I told you that you would have EVERYTHING you need, I meant it. THe resource vault is jam packed with EVERY tool you need to become a manifestation master, and implement everything you learn into your day to day life. Guided meditations, downloads to ALL of my guided journals, Oracle decks and so much more.


What's Included?

Lifetime Access

This isnt something you can listen to in a weekend and be done. This program is built out like a semester at Woo college. I built it so that in the future you can reference back to it time and time again, so that you never find yourself stuck or wondering why your manifestations arent coming through.

An Exclusive Journal

Would it even be one of my programs without a custom journal?! This journal is going to be your textbook/ workbook throughout the course. With custom prompts and manifestation excersies for each section of the course, this journal is where your magic is going to come to life.

Live Coaching Calls

Half way through this course, we are going to hop on a live training call where I can answer all of your questions, and help locate any pesky blocks that are preventing your progress. Want more support? Hop into the *Upgrade* and we will be meeting three EXTRA times over the course of the program

Telegram Community *upgrade only

Anyone who has been through the Woo Womans Club, knows just how magical our community is. Inside of the *upgrade* option, you will have access to our "And Then Some" community for 6 weeks, where we will be supporting each others growth, workshopping our struggles, and getting exclusive trainings only available inside the telegram broadcast!

Self Paced

For the manifestor who works better on her own time 💅🏻
$ 333
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum
  • One LIVE training call midway through the program
  • A custom guided journal/ textbook
  • Lifetime access to the manifestation resource vault

Payment Plan Option


For the manifestor who is ready to SOAR 🦅
$ 777
  • Lifetime access to the course curriculum
  • THREE additional live group coaching calls where you get personalized coaching from Brooke
  • Access to an exclusive 6 week Telegram community/ broadcast channel with bonus trainings and 24/7 community support.
  • Custom guided journal/ textbook
  • Lifetime access to the manifestation resource vault

Payment Plan Option

You ready to be a master?

whether you want to take this step by step on your own, or you want to go ALL IN on the upgrade, this is the only manifestation specific program you will ever need to start bringing your dreams into your reality right NOW.