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So You Want To Make Meditation A Daily Practice...

but you don't know where to start?!
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How Does Meditating Help Your Manifestations?

It Raises Your Vibration

Daily meditation raises your vibrational frequency, aligning you with higher states of consciousness and positive energy. helps you shift away from lower vibrational frequencies, such as fear and negativity. Instead, you elevate your energy to higher levels of love, joy, and gratitude.

It Helps You Emotionally Heal

Meditation allows you to explore and process past traumas, emotional wounds, and unresolved issues. It provides an opportunity for self-reflection, self-compassion, and releasing emotional baggage, leading to greater emotional resilience, healing, and inner peace.

It 10x Your Manifestations

When you quiet the mind and connect with your inner self through meditation, you align your thoughts, emotions, and intentions with your goals. This focused alignment enhances the power of your manifestations, helping you attract and manifest your desires more effortlessly.

It Reduces Stress

By practicing meditation daily, you can calm the mind, relax the body, and activate the body's relaxation response. This helps to lower stress hormones, decrease anxiety levels, and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being.

It Boosts Physical Health

Meditation not only benefits the mind but also has positive effects on physical health. Regular practice has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve sleep quality.

It Cultivates Inner Peace

Meditation allows you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, gaining insight into your patterns and behaviors. This can lead to personal growth, increased self-acceptance, and a deeper connection with your spirituality.

Are you a spiritual girlie who is

Ready To Meditate Daily?

You know all about the benefits of meditation, and you want to add it into your daily or weekly routine, BUT

How do you even do it?

When I first jumped into daily meditation, I was LOST. I didn't know where to start, and more than that, I had the attention span of a fly. I wished I had a library of guided meditations I could just follow.

What if you're super busy?

Ain't nobody got time for a 3 hour daily meditation, journaling and manifesting routine. These meditations are 5- 7 min each!

Will it actually make a difference?

Daily meditation CHANGED THE GAME for me. It brought my manifestations in at lighting speed, deepened my spiritual journey, and helped me heal all that deep stuff that I didn't know how to get through.

You ready to dive in?

By purchasing the Meditation Manifesto, you gain access to this ever growing collection for LIFE. All of the meditations are downloadable so you can listen to them wherever life takes you. 

What's inside?

A guided meditation for every need

Inside of the Meditation Manifesto, I have included every possible meditation you could possibly need. From daily practices to help you get in touch with your spirit guides, to deep inner healing, manifesting, and SO much more. 

I used these techniques to heal my past traumas, manifest my husband, and stay grounded each morning while sinking in to my highest self. Some of them I use daily even still. This collection will help guide you through whatever stage of your journey you are in right now, and grow alongside you as you heal and raise that vibration.

Guided Meditations With More Added Each Month!
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