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Love Her Wild Digital Journal: Healing and Manifesting your Soulmate

Whether you are heartbroken, healing, or ready to manifest your soulmate, this digital journal will put you on the fast track to deep healing, and manifesting the partner of your dreams.


Love Her Wild Digital Journal: Healing and Manifesting your Soulmate

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I created this digital journal to gently guide you along your healing journey, and give you all of the tools I found most helpful all in one place! All of the journaling and written healing techniques that most helped me heal and manifest my soulmate all in one place for YOU.

With almost 70 pages of guided journal prompts as well as more than 20 pages of dedicated healing assignments, I compiled the most potent and deeply healing exercises to incorporate into your daily mediation and self love routine. I did each and every one of these assignments myself. I used every journal prompt over and over again. Now its your turn to let them rock your world and open a new door.

Now dive in, heal, and go create a life you LOVE.


I built this digital journal to be compatible with GoodNotes, so that you can work on it with any device! You will receive a PDF download that you can upload to GoodNotes, print out, or import into any app that you choose!


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