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Zero Gravity Journal: How to Raise Your Vibration PAPERBACK edition

I got so much good feedback from my digital journal, that I published it for those of you old school girlies who want to write on good old fashioned PAPER! This journal was written to gently guide you along your journey towards raising your vibration, and manifesting a life that you only once DREAMED of. This is the perfect companion to the “Zero Gravity” Course, or as a stand alone journal!

With almost 70 pages of guided vibration raising prompts as well as nearly 20 pages of dedicated assignments, I compiled the most potent exercises to incorporate into your daily mediation and self love routine. I have done and continue to do these journal prompts as a part of my daily journaling routine. I have seen MASSIVE shifts in my own vibration. Now its your turn.

Now, RISE. It who you were meant to be.



Zero Gravity Journal: How to Raise Your Vibration PAPERBACK edition

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Raising your vibration is the key to magnetizing almost any manifestation to you at lighting speed. The thing that most people forget, is that YOU ARE MEANT TO RISE. You were born a high vibration being, you just need to let go of all the heavy stuff that is weighing you down. This journal helps you do just that.


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