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Release Of Liability: Terms and Conditions

1:1 Mentorship Video/Phone Call Agreement

(a) Scope of Service. Love Her Wild offers 1:1 mentorship video calls with Brooke Carver, providing advice and guidance in the specified areas as agreed upon between the client and Love Her Wild. By engaging in a 1:1 mentorship video call, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms.

(b) Non-Licensed Therapist Disclaimer. Brooke Carver is not a licensed therapist. Any advice or guidance provided during the 1:1 mentorship video calls is not a substitute for professional therapeutic services. You understand and acknowledge that the mentorship provided is based on personal experiences and expertise, and it is not intended to replace or serve as professional therapy, counseling, or medical advice.

(c) Release of Liability. By participating in a 1:1 mentorship video call with Brooke Carver, you release Love Her Wild, its affiliates, and Brooke Carver from any liability arising from the advice or guidance given during the session. This includes, but is not limited to, any emotional distress, decision-making outcomes, or consequences resulting from the implementation of the advice provided.

(d) Confidentiality. Both parties agree to maintain the confidentiality of the information shared during the 1:1 mentorship video call. Love Her Wild will take reasonable measures to keep the information confidential, and you agree not to disclose or share sensitive information discussed during the session.

(e) Legal and Ethical Compliance. You agree to use the 1:1 mentorship video call service for lawful purposes only. You shall not use the service to solicit or engage in any illegal activities, and you shall not request advice or guidance that would involve illegal or unethical conduct.

(f) Payment and Scheduling. Payment for 1:1 mentorship video calls is required in advance. Love Her Wild will provide details on scheduling and payment processes separately. Any cancellations or rescheduling should be communicated in writing at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. If you fail to appear for your scheduled session, you forfeit the cost of that session.

(g) Technical Considerations. You understand that the 1:1 mentorship video calls may be conducted using third-party platforms or applications. Love Her Wild is not responsible for any technical issues or interruptions that may occur during the video call due to external factors, such as internet connectivity or platform malfunctions.

By proceeding with a 1:1 mentorship video call, you affirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in this section. If you do not agree with these terms, please refrain from participating in the 1:1 mentorship video call service.