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You Were Meant To Rise

You are not a low vibe being who needs
to learn how to rise, you are a HIGH vibe
being who needs to let go of what is weighing
you down.

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What's inside?

Coming Home

You were born a high vibrational being. Living in a high vibration is your birthright. It is where you belong. It is HOME. This is just the teaching you need in order to let go of whatever is weighing you down, and soar to new heights, all while learning how to move your vibrational set point, work through low vibe days, and SO much more. 

Get to your destination FASTER
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How Does Raising My Vibration Help Me?


We hear about "raising our vibration" ALL over the internet, but why is it important? When we vibrationally align with our highest selves, our WHOLE life falls into effortless alignment.

Expedited Healing

When we are energetically aligned, healing through past and current lessons becomes nearly effortless. We are able to look at our lives from a "higher" new perspective and the path becomes so clear.

It 10x Your Manifestations

Looking for a way to get to where you are going faster? Raising your vibration is like trading in your bicycle for a private plane. Travel the same distance in a FRACTION of the time.

It Reduces Stress

On my highest vibrational days, I can feel the stress literally MELTING off of me. It feels like everything is going your way. You feel firm in your direction and confident in your path. Stress and vibration go hand in hand.

Broadens Spiritual Journey

When I started playing with raising my vibration, I didn't realize how transformational it would be for my spiritual journey as a whole. It allowed me to connect with the spiritual realm in a way that I didn't think was possible for me.

High VIbe = JOY

You know the days when you feel the MOST joyful? Like absolutely NOTHING can keep you down? THAT is your birthright. THAT is how you are meant to live 80% of the time. You can feel that level of joy and gratitude on nearly a daily basis and I show you how.

Ready To Raise Your Vibration?

Zero Gravity

One of my MOST asked questions is how to raise your vibration. In this training, we go over step by step to release the things that are holding you down, and learn how to rise like you were MEANT to.

What is included?

A self led course with audio teachings, guided meditations, and written lessons all meant to be easily integrated into your busy day to day life!

What if you're super busy?

Each module is short, sweet and JAM packed with life changing material. Meant to fit in with ANY lifestyle. The best part is, its self paced, and you get LIFETIME access!

Is This Right For Me?

If you struggle with negative thoughts, are afraid to follow your dreams, or you're just flat out ready for a positive change, this teaching is for YOU!

You ready to RISE?

By purchasing Zero Gravity, you get lifetime access to this course, so that you can go at your own pace, and refer back anytime you need an energetic boost!