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Once A Woo Woman, Always A Woo Woman

The Woo Woman’s Club isn’t just some “online course”. It’s SO much more than that. Now that you have graduated the first 6 weeks and have the tools you need, it’s time to go and do GREAT things; but let’s do it TOGETHER. 

The Alumni membership allows you to stay plugged into the WWC community, have access to a monthly zoom call that is filled with value and allows you to get your continued questions answered, and you get VIP access to all future offerings at a discount. 

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What is the Woo Woman's Alumni Membership?

Stay Motivated With Monthly Zoom Call

It's easy to stay motivated and consistent when you are inside a group container with lesson plans, and weekly calls... but what happens next? The WWC Alumni membership helps you stay plugged in to that high vibe energy and stay consistent in your spiritual practices.

Stay Plugged Into The WWC Community

Community may be the MOST beneficial part of the WWC. When spiritual women band together and lift each other up... EVERYONE benefits. Manifestations come faster, transformations come out of thin air.

Discounts BABY

Every month that you are a member of the Alumni, you will receive a $22 discount an ANY course or digital products purchased over $50, thus making your membership FREE anytime you are plugged into my world in another way. You will also receive VIP offers and pre sale perks that no one else has access to!

You ready to dive in?

Stay plugged into the ever growing community of Woo Women. Each round of the Woo Women’s club will have the opportunity to jump into this membership, making your spiritual circle grow with it!